Performances with Taya


I’ve been posting a few updates and pictures on instagram/ twitter and wanted to update you more formally on here!
I’ve had a couple of shows as a dancer with the super talent Taya Marquis which has been such a great experience!!
(If you haven’t heard of her check her out, she has some pretty good songs!!)

She is an amazing soul!
I recently co-choreographed one of her unreleased songs with Mimi and had the chance to perform it live at Canadian Music Week at Revival Bar, Toronto which was an amazing experience!!

I’ve also been working with a few artists on movement coaching which has been tons of fun!
It’s a great way for me to merge my teaching background with my artistic and entertainment side.

I’m very excited for upcoming projects and things I am working on now!!

As always, I will post my upcoming performances in the Upcoming Events tab.
You can also follow me on instagram for updates :

I’ll see you at an upcoming show 😉

x Flavia

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