“Life is too short not to live life how you want it.” -F.A.

Flavia is a sought after Toronto-based energetic, passionate, hardworking and versatile DJ (she is the first and only woman to DJ for the Raptors), singer/songwriter and dancer with a passion for health, fitness and travel.

Born in France,  of Colombian and French-Canadian decent, she is the grand-daughter of the first Colombian actor in Hollywood, Julio Abadía,

After a second chance at life, being hit by a drunk driver, she decided to pursue her passion for entertainment full-time!

She has since released an EP Love and Indifference in 2017 with music videos for the singles Sweet Lovin and Too Late.

In 2018 she released the music video for her single Attitude filmed in Madrid and Toronto, followed by the single and music video Enough Of This filmed in the Algarve, Portugal.

More recently Flavia released the music video for the Spanglish song Trumpets (Remix) shot in Havana, Cuba with Dominican Spanglish artist Kiki La Asesina.

In 2019 she released All The Way, Slow It Down and is releasing her first all-Spanish track Dilema De Amor in August!

Flavia’s musical taste, skill, positive energy and international appeal have quickly helped her gain momentum and brought her to stages and events across Spain, France, Portugal, Canada, USA and Mexico.

With over 476 000 streams on YouTube and Spotify, sky’s the limit for Flavia as she continues to inspire, work hard and pursue her dreams.

If you’re interested in collaborating, booking Flavia or for media/publicity inquiries please contact info@yourgirlflav.com

For more updates please follow her facebook pageinstagram page, and twitter account.