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Fvck Boy (Single)

THE LATEST!!! FVCK BOY : Flavia Abadía x Kiki La Asesina x Medylandia

Kiki and Flavia have joined forces again for “Fvck Boy” with platinum-producer Medylandia (Alx Veliz’s Dancing Kizomba), after their Spanglish release Trumpets (Remix).

Flavia is an international DJ and has played “Fvck Boy” in clubs in Paris, Barcelona, Toronto and Montreal with much success.

Fvck Boy is a song many women can relate to, talking about just that, f*ck boys. We all know a couple of them…

The music video, to be released April 15, 2020, was filmed in sunny LA to capture the song’s fun, catchy and easy danceability.



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